10 Of the World’s Most Dangerous Roads

All of us have been on roads at one time or another that scared us. Maybe it was the steep drop-off along the road side, or perhaps it was all those signs warning you that a rockslide was possible at any moment. Perhaps it was a lot of sharp twists and turns, low visibility, a steep grade, or bad weather. Maybe it was just the other drivers who scared you. But it probably got you to wonder—were you driving on one of the world’s most dangerous roads? Or are there others that can make your experiences with challenging driving conditions look feel like a walk in the park?
Let’s go on a virtual drive on the most dangerous roads in the world. All of these roads are dangerous for different reasons. Many of them are quite beautiful and offer some of the most breathtaking views on the planet. But each of them carries a large element of risk, and will test any driver’s abilities, patience, and courage.

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