Top 10 oldest trees in the world

Trees are by nature vastly multitudinous in their appearances, their content, varying with the season, geography and the climate on which it exists. Thus, no one tree at one particular time is exactly similar to another tree at that particular time, and no tree is at a particular time is similar to itself at another time.

The perceived beauty of trees, thus, depend on a number of factors. The magnificence of some trees, often exist beyond one’s expectations- They defy human imagination, leaving one wondering at the elegance and dignified beauty of nature, of the non-artificial grace inherent to the planet we inhabit. One can only hope that these trees do not meet the cruel end as innumerable others, perishing in the hands of rampant deforestation, fuelled by human greed.

To that end, the reader is presented with a list of ten trees, present since time immemorial. Top 10 oldest trees in world

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