Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year

“I don’t quite understand what it means when they say, A new year’s coming on New Year’s Day”

So with the feeling of the New Year being right across the corner (Yes, let’s blame Christmas for making it so early), there’ve been plans and more of them. Resolutions and even more of them. So you might have wanted to dance to bring on new beginnings, who wouldn’t? Like they say if it happens on New Year, it’s happening every day of the year (So yeah! If you got an option try scheduling those salaries for New Year and get disappointed in the fact that it won’t happen every day. Is it time already? Oh yes it is, to leave your home city and explore how they celebrate New Year elsewhere. Here’s where you must go for you’d never return disappointed. (Oh! I meant you’d return quite mesmerized actually)

List top 10 Best Places to travel.


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